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The Big Build Richmond

There’s a whole lot of demolition going on at our Hull Street store off Chippenham Parkway. In fact, the old warehouse built in the 1970’s is almost completely gone. Check out our video above to see it from start to *almost* finish.

The Richmond Times Dispatch definitely noticed the heavy machinery and spoke with our executive vice president, Randi Strelitz, last week. Click here to read the article that was published on July 27th.

Our president, EJ Strelitz was there when the warehouse first started coming down. Watch it happening in the video below.

Haynes Employees

Before our Big Build can begin, we’ve got to get a whole lot of furniture out of the way at both of our Richmond stores. And we don’t mean maybe. The Big Hit starts at our Hull Street and Chippenham stores this Friday, August 3 at 10 am. It’ll be worth stopping in this weekend, no matter what you have planned. One look at the prices, and you’ll see why.