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Furniture Hall New Exhibits August 10-12
Magnolia Home
Joanna Gaines
Magnolia Home of Waco, Texas

The new Magnolia Home rugs from Joanna Gaines arrived in Furniture Hall on Tuesday, and we couldn’t help but watch in anticipation as each one was unrolled.

The thing that impressed us the most? The textures. These rugs are sooooo very touchable.

Magnolia Home Neutral Rug
Grey Rug Neutral Rug with Patterns

Since Joanna designed them, of course they’re warm, versatile and as familiar as a good friend. What we didn’t expect was the tactile fun of the collection. She uses everything from natural cotton to wool to blends of viscose and polyester to create rugs that are soft, easy to live with and a breeze to clean.

We were particularly enamored of her flat weave rugs in the tradition of dhurries. They work beautifully with textured neutrals, leathers, distressed woods and painted finishes.

Magnolia Home Red Rug Beige Rug
Overlapping Rugs

You’ll see a number of updated Persian and tribal designs in colors from calm cool to earthy warm.

Here’s a quick look at just some of Joanna’s new rugs for inspiration. But there’s nothing like experiencing them firsthand. They’re right across from the coffee shop in our Virginia Beach store. Come in, pour a cup and browse away.

Magnolia Home Blue Rug
Tan Rug Red and Beige Rug