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Discover New Designs on the Haynes Furniture Hall Floor This Week
Mayo Logo
Mayo Sofa with Track Arms Mayo of Texas Family-owned. American Made.

Family-owned and operated since 1965, Mayo of Texas is a coveted manufacturer of premium, handcrafted, 100% top-grain leather and performance upholstery designs that reflect a range of traditional and contemporary styles. Each piece is built by hand, down to the smallest details (even the buttons)!

Sofa by Mayo
Mayo Chair
Sofa by Mayo

Featuring the highest-quality products from frame to finish, Mayo’s handcrafted designs showcase generations of design expertise. All leather and upholstery fabrics are made right here in the U.S.A, and cut and sewn at Mayo’s Texas-based factory using top-of-the-line equipment and experienced personnel. The curated selection of premium leather seating available in Furniture Hall highlights Mayo’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and lasting comfort. Sink into soft, luxury leather, classic colors and tones, deep, generous seating, and the enduring, American-made quality of Mayo’s distinct designs.

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This week, we also welcome Bedgear Performance Bedding and a striking, expressive, inspired selection of
Taracea pieces! Take a look below for more information on these designer brands.

Bedgear Pillows on Display Bedgear Performance Bedding Build Your Dream Team

Furniture Hall’s newest bedding line, Bedgear, promises products that support full, energizing sleep through detailed customization options and advanced sleep technology systems. Using a breakthrough layered assembly process, each of Bedgear’s pillows and mattresses are a compilation of various, high-performance pieces and layers, built and optimized to support important aspects of quality sleep. From customized temperature-regulating technology, to specific, personalized support systems, Bedgear offers various personalization options so that you can craft the kind of sleep that best suits you. So, whether you’re discovering your Bedgear Pillow ID or testing temperature-adaptive mattresses, you’re sure to find your good night’s sleep at Furniture Hall, guaranteed.

Bedgear Logo
Taracea Logo
Taracea Detail Shot Taracea Built By Hand, Crafted By Time

For Mexican-native brand Taracea, time is a significant material, used to transform large pieces of recovered and reclaimed wood into expressive, artistic, handmade home furniture. Each part of their process requires the precision and patience of skilled artisans, masterfully versed in traditional Mexican woodworking techniques, perfected over centuries of exquisite craftsmanship and cultural expression.


The specific, irreplicable effects of time color these pieces with history and character. This true, multi-year aging process creates authentic, beautiful qualities within the wood that are then highlighted within Taracea’s designs. We invite you to explore, shop, and experience our special, rare, curated selection of Taracea designs— at Furniture Hall, Virginia’s new home for designer furniture.