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New in May 2018
Furniture Hall
Haynes Store on Granby and Main

For our 120th year, Furniture Hall will re-open as the east coast exposition hall for furniture designers from Virginia and around the world. Here’s just a glimpse of the names you’ll see on display.

Pet-Protected Flooring
Worry-free Pet-Protected Flooring

No matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable. Your new puppy will have an accident. Your senior dog will topple her water bowl or get an upset stomach. Your cat will decide not to use the litter box for reasons only cats understand.

We’ve been there. And we love our fur babies as much as you do. That’s why Haynes offers hundreds of pet-protected carpet and flooring options.

The Haynes Flooring Team
The Haynes Flooring Team, Norman


Stain Resistant
Stain Resistant - Close Up

Life gets messy. Your furniture doesn't have to.

That’s why we’ve introduced performance fabrics designed for comfortable, luxurious living on many of our most popular upholstery collections. Whether due to kids, pets, entertaining, or simply everyday real life, furniture that resists spills and is easy to care for… that's a no-brainer.

Infinite Motion
Infinite Motion Logo

Not long ago, when you pulled back that handle on your sofa or chair at the end of a long day, you could recline in one, maybe two positions.

Now, you can touch a button, kick up your feet, rest your head at a 110-degree angle as you charge your iPad, stream Netflix and enjoy gentle sup...