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I’m an artist.
I love color and texture.
I love to express new ideas and change things around to see what emerges.

Deep down in our hearts, there’s a bit of an artist in all of us, I think. It shows up when you’re inspired by something and you pin it to your home ideas board. It’s also that restless urge inside you that won’t be satisfied until you give your room a new look.

Jessica Jacobs - Invest in Quality

The thing is, changing your look shouldn’t break the bank. I think that applies to everything from clothing to furniture and home decor. The key is investing in a piece of quality right from the start—something well made that will endure and let you change your look as much—or as little—as you want.

Randi Strelitz
Jessica Jacobs Sofa 1
One of my favorite designs from the collection — a structured silhouette with sophisticated details.
About five years ago, we set out to re-invent quality upholstery at Haynes. What would happen if we started with a blank canvas and designed a line of sofas that literally had everything we wanted inside and out?
8-way hand tied coils
8-way hand-tied construction
Feather down
Seat cushions wrapped in goose down blend
Fine linen tailoring
Fine linen tailored to the frame by hand
Handcrafted by one person
Completely bench made start to finish by one person
The next step was making all this quality come together in a way that was versatile—so that you can change it (if you like) according to the season, your whim or whatever your imagination dreams up.
Jessica Jacobs - the Little Black Dress of Sofa
The color story
The color story
The color story
The color story
The color story
The color story
Change your look simply by changing accents & color.
“What would happen if” became a new line of quality upholstered furniture in classic styles—a labor of love that I would name for two of my children, Jessica and Jacob.

That restless urge? That’s your creative energy talking. Now you can listen to it. Come in and meet Jessica Jacobs. Let us know what you think.

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Randi & Jessica Strelitz