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BEDGEAR® M1X Performance 12” Queen Mattress

Plush queen bed in a box with a moisture-wicking, breathable cover over soft, conforming gel between two lifting latex layers.
Sale: $1,199

BEDGEAR® M1 Performance 10” Queen Mattress

Firm queen bed in a box with performance layers of contouring gel foam and lifting latex beneath a moisture-wicking, breathable cover.
Sale: $899

Serta iComfort® Blue Fusion 5000 Hybrid 16” Queen

Pillow top queen mattress includes dual-layer hybrid coil system for firm support beneath breathable, pressure-relieving memory foam.
Sale: $2,599

Serta iComfort® Blue Fusion 3000 Hybrid 14.5” Queen Mattress

Queen mattress provides a cooling, cushion firm feel with temperature-regulating memory and gel foams over a dual hybrid coil system.
Sale: $2,299

Serta iComfort® Blue Fusion 500 Hybrid 14” Queen Mattress

The exceptional support of hybrid coils meets pressure-relieving and temperature-regulating memory foams in this firm queen mattress.
Sale: $1,699

Serta iComfort® Blue Fusion 300 Hybrid 14” Queen Mattress

Pillow top queen mattress features cooling cover and temperature-regulating gel foam layers over a supportive hybrid coil system.
Sale: $1,399

Serta iComfort® Blue Fusion 100 Hybrid 12” Queen Mattress

Breathable, temperature-regulating foams over a hybrid coil support system gives this firm queen mattress a cool, conforming feel.
Sale: $999

Serta iComfort® Blue Max 3000 Memory Foam 14” Queen Mattress

Cooling and conforming layers over specially engineered Air Suspension™ technology give this plush queen mattress cloud-like comfort.
Sale: $2,099

Serta iComfort® Blue Max 1000 Plush 13” Queen Mattress

Dual cooling and conforming comfort layers over pressure-relieving support foam create a pleasantly plush queen memory foam mattress.
Sale: $1,699

Serta iComfort® Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm 12.5” Queen Mattress

Gel and memory foam layers provide advanced temperature regulation and responsive comfort beneath the cool cover of this queen mattress.
Sale: $1,699

Serta iComfort® Blue 300 Memory Foam 11.25” Queen Mattress

Firm queen mattress gets a cool touch with two temperature-regulating layers over specially designed pressure-relieving memory foam.
Sale: $1,399

TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ Soft Memory Foam 12” Queen Mattress

Extra soft queen mattress provides plush, conforming comfort along with innovative pressure relief inside a cool, moisture-wicking cover.
Sale: $2,899

A bedding industry classic shouldn't come with a costly price tag. Haynes Furniture carries a carefully selected range of queen mattresses to provide the best quality for a price our customers will appreciate. From luxury handmade Airelooms to the latest models from Tempur-Pedic, Haynes makes finding the queen size innerspring, hybrid or memory foam mattress of your dreams a reality.

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